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How Much Does It Cost to Dress Carrie Bradshaw? - Cost of SATC Fashion Wardrobe

But she also wore items that the average fan could afford, as well. Here is a season of Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe, broken down into ultra-fancy, regular fancy, and “If you fancy that, you can actually afford it.” If Carrie had bought that Givenchy dress, it would have cost about $50,000, making it the most expensive piece from season 4 (and furthermore, one of the most expensive garments ever on the show). Some of her other salary-decimating choices include: Clockwise from left: Carrie’s Givenchy couture gown, $50,000; Three strands of pearls, $18,000; Gold pretzel necklace, $7,000; Harry Winston diamond engagement ring, $25,000; Diamond horseshoe necklaces, $5,000 $1,770 for https://thecheapshopping.com a black Prada dress like the one she wore to Miranda’s mom’s funeral $1,200 for the Vivienne Westwood suit she wears to work $380 for the Bvlgari cord necklace she sports to lunch… …and $359 for the Hermes horse lock she puts on it $2,750 for the Céline dress she sports to meet Miranda at the hospital $250 for the Cavalli blouse Field found at a sample sale Of course, Carrie Bradshaw is a master mixer of https://www.2bbss.com high and low fashion, and some of her most famous pieces from season 4 were under $200. Yay! Clockwise from left: Dickie’s overalls, $40; Green corduroy overalls, $8; Betsey Johnson apple necklace, $52; Green Hunter boots, $150; Vintage oval locket, $53 Plus $16.50 for the J. Crew flip flops in that scene $40 for the vintage Levi’s overalls she wears to https://www.2bbss.com Aidan’s farm $150 for the green Hunter Boots she stomps in at Aidan’s farm $140 for the Brooks Brothers white oxford shirts she sports all season (we counted 6) That brings our grand total to just under $175,000, not counting the vintage pieces we couldn’t track down. But with all this fashion math making me dizzy, I couldn’t help but wonder: Would Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe cost more or less to purchase now? “That’s a fascinating question,” says Cameron Silver, a vintage expert and fashion stylist. When he’s not running the designer resale empire Decades, he’s working with everyone from Rihanna and Gwyneth to a certain Mrs. Clooney.

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