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Roughly 100 Tapes Seized In Cohen Probe, 'Washington Post' Reports

Thanks so much for being with us. MARTIN: What value are these recordings to the case against Michael Cohen? SANDICK: Well, recordings are usually the best form – or almost the best form of evidence in any criminal case. You can’t cross-examine a tape recording. They give you a clear understanding of what two people said to each other. And so to the extent that there’s anything incriminating for anyone on these recordings, this will be an important part of the U.S. Attorney’s Office investigation. MARTIN: The central question, as it pertains to President Trump, is whether or not this alleged payment constitutes a violation of campaign finance laws. Can you explain how that would be dossed (ph), especially if this money was used from a private account? SANDICK: Sure. So if someone makes a payment to benefit a campaign, that payment has to be disclosed under election finance law.

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