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Newspaper Carrier Day - One editor reflects on her start in the industry

Then again, nowadays most newspaper carriers in the U.S. are adults in cars rather than teen-agers on foot or bicycling. I asked Don Wilson, our circulation director, how many kids carry our papers now, and was saddened to learn that the number was none, and has been none for years. Apparently, with all the perceived dangers these days, a newspaper route is out of the question for teens. My paper route reinforced the responsibility learned from my parents, caused this shy girl to interact with a variety of customers and develop more confidence, and taught me some things about handling money. I earned roughly $1,000 and saved most of it for college. Don said that he loved it when he used to work with kids. People would come up to him 10 years later and say, “Remember me? I bought my first car with what I earned!”  I don’t know what’s in the future for newspaper carriers. The industry has definitely taken some hard hits, what with rising newsprint costs, losing ad revenues to Craigslist and the like, and people getting used to reading articles online for free without knowing who paid for the reporting. But people said radio would kill newspapers, and the same for television, and that didn’t happen.

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