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That’s something which didn’t match public opinion at the time, according to Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh, first elected in 1997. “People were never taking to the streets on Lords reform. Maybe in parliament it would be controversial, but it never came up on the doorstep” she explained. She did agree with the civil service, however, that appointing a cabinet was a “pretty gruelling process”, something she said Blair found to be “a logistical nightmare”. Image caption The 1997 Labour government saw conflict between Brown and Blair Indeed, evidence of what became known by some as the “TBGBs” – conflict between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair over the direction and leadership of the party – is hinted at even in this advice. Regarding a suggested removal of powers from the Treasury to the then Department of Trade and Industry, then Cabinet Secretary Robin Butler advised “I understand that Mr Brown strongly opposes such a transfer, and you may want to discuss it with him before deciding”. The advice also shows how the make up of the civil service has changed in 21 years. Information provided to Blair showed that just 14% of senior civil servants were women in 1996. Image caption The civil service advised Blair to reserve some MBEs for ‘lollipop ladies’ The mundane process of day-to-day living in Downing Street featured prominently in the advice. Tony Blair was told he was entitled to a fully stocked drinks cabinet “maintained by the house manager anywhere in Number 10”.

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